Let Dog Food be Thy Medicine

What do you think of when you think hear “dog food”? Does it bring a big bag of low quality ultra-processed food with a package full of promises ultra-processed food can not deliver? Do you think of tin cans full of mushy, smelly shit that doesn’t resemble food at all? Do you think of organicContinue reading “Let Dog Food be Thy Medicine”

Getting All Magickal and Shit

It’s seed sowing season and sowing seeds is what I’ve been doing. Sowing, raising, harvesting and processing all are magickal practices for me as their done with with intent, love and care. Every little seedlings is a reminder of the magick all around me on top of this hill in the middle of the woods.Continue reading “Getting All Magickal and Shit”

Here We Grow!

I’m really excited about this coming growing season; actually, I’m excited about every growing season! The time to sow can’t get here soon enough! Winter supplies have run low and there are so many different methods of sprouting, growing and harvesting I want to experiment with! I have seeds saved from last year ready toContinue reading “Here We Grow!”

Love of Lotus Apothecary is Moving

Mother Gaia has guided us to where we need to be to serve her and our fellow Gods and Goddesses that inhabit this planet. She put us exactly where we need to be to help heal her. When we asked for her to put us where she needs us, part of me expected to getContinue reading “Love of Lotus Apothecary is Moving”

Heart Healthy Hawthorn

Hawthorn is a beautiful plant often used to add beauty to a yard or garden. It’s a beautiful and hardy, slow growing plant that has been known to live up to 200 years. There are around 300 species of this plant, some are short, small and shrub-like. Others are large, beautiful trees. All have berries,Continue reading “Heart Healthy Hawthorn”

Love of Lotus’s Flu Shot Tea

This is one of my favorite times of year, the trees are turning beautiful shades of orange and red, the air is cooler and bon fires are easy to come by. Gaia has blessed us so much with the seasons. This is the time of death, where everything dies back and goes into hibernation untilContinue reading “Love of Lotus’s Flu Shot Tea”

Welcome to Love of Lotus Apothecary Blog!

Welcome to my new blog!! I’m Rainie Dae, herbalist, humanist, healer, avid researcher, spiritual alchemist, free thinker, science nerd and practitioner of natural magick. I’m the founder and owner of Love of Lotus Apothecary. I’ve spent years studying, getting healthy, healing and curing myself and now I’m helping others do the same. I’ve been guidedContinue reading “Welcome to Love of Lotus Apothecary Blog!”