Book Review – Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill – The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Using Witchcraft

Before I get into this book I should define what I mean by witchcraft. To me, witchcraft is just that, a craft. It’s a personal practice that connects us to the divine and unseen. It’s abilities and skills we all have but have forgotten. Those who remember, we learn about and develop our hidden abilities.Continue reading “Book Review – Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill – The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Using Witchcraft”

Fuck Man Made Toxic Diversity and Toxic Equity.

I’m sitting here in my woods, next to the fire element dancing in the fire pit and just appreciating all the health and abundance Mother Gaia provides. She’s diverse in her art, healing in her energy and nourishing in her food. All beings are loved in her eyes…from the tiniest little microbe to the greatestContinue reading “Fuck Man Made Toxic Diversity and Toxic Equity.”

Forgive For Yourself…Fuck Them

I’m not going to sit here and talk about forgiveness in some woo woo, it fixes everything magickally sort of way. I don’t see it in that light. I’m also not going to encourage anyone to forget. Forgetting just sets us up to be hurt again. I don’t hold on to anything or don’t makeContinue reading “Forgive For Yourself…Fuck Them”

Moon Spells by Diane Ahlquist – Book Review

This is my first review in a long series of coming reviews. I choose Moon Spells by Diane Ahlquist for a couple of reasons. The first being this book has helped me so much in practice. It’s easy to understand and customize what is in it to a variety of practices. The second reason, theContinue reading “Moon Spells by Diane Ahlquist – Book Review”

Let Dog Food be Thy Medicine

What do you think of when you think hear “dog food”? Does it bring a big bag of low quality ultra-processed food with a package full of promises ultra-processed food can not deliver? Do you think of tin cans full of mushy, smelly shit that doesn’t resemble food at all? Do you think of organicContinue reading “Let Dog Food be Thy Medicine”

Getting All Magickal and Shit

It’s seed sowing season and sowing seeds is what I’ve been doing. Sowing, raising, harvesting and processing all are magickal practices for me as their done with with intent, love and care. Every little seedlings is a reminder of the magick all around me on top of this hill in the middle of the woods.Continue reading “Getting All Magickal and Shit”

A Cluttered Mind Makes Us Sick

I’ve been studying the book “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill, I highly recommend it! I came across the part where Henry Ford, while on trial, got weary of ridiculous questions meant to make him look stupid. He was called an ignorant pacifist by those who believe education is found in our modern schoolContinue reading “A Cluttered Mind Makes Us Sick”

Here We Grow!

I’m really excited about this coming growing season; actually, I’m excited about every growing season! The time to sow can’t get here soon enough! Winter supplies have run low and there are so many different methods of sprouting, growing and harvesting I want to experiment with! I have seeds saved from last year ready toContinue reading “Here We Grow!”

For Magick, I Need The Real Stuff!

In my studies I come across different opinions on whether our magickal tools should be made of natural materials or are man made synthetics doable? The answer in general is you do you! Don’t let anyone tell you what you can or can’t use in your own practice. If you feel tools made with syntheticContinue reading “For Magick, I Need The Real Stuff!”

Detaching Has Made Me More Mindful

Having lived on grid for all but a little over a year of my life, I find myself becoming more and more mindful and sensitive to the energies around me. I’m required to think through providing for our basic needs. Although this is more work than living on grid, flipping switches and having water flowContinue reading “Detaching Has Made Me More Mindful”