Fuck Man Made Toxic Diversity and Toxic Equity.

I’m sitting here in my woods, next to the fire element dancing in the fire pit and just appreciating all the health and abundance Mother Gaia provides. She’s diverse in her art, healing in her energy and nourishing in her food. All beings are loved in her eyes…from the tiniest little microbe to the greatest creatures among us. All is based on love and cooperation, no competition. True diversity that benefits all living beings and does not have the craziness in it today’s version of diversity does. The diversity of healthy plants keeps pests and dis ease away. Mono-culture, like our factory farms, create dis ease of the plants and the need for chemicals to treat them. They grow weak plants that provide very little nutrition in unnatural and unhealthy ways that contribute to human dis ease. Anything grown by or with Mother Gaia will have more nutrients than anything grown man’s way. In our natural environments, diversity helps us grow and thrive. It’s all about cooperation, non-judgment, freedom and doing our own thing. It’s about being acceptable as well as accepting, living symbiotically with each other and our planet. Each plant has it’s own integrity, immune system, likes, dislikes, personality, energy, etc. They all work like a well-oiled machine. When we look at man’s current idea of diversity, It’s not even close to the same. It’s sickness, pure sickness and I will NOT lower myself, my intelligence and my loved ones to that.

Man made diversity is, in my opinion, mental illness at it’s best. If you believe the word salads being vomited all over us, diversity means you let anyone in at any time for any reason without question or they’ll call you a name! You’ll have some kind of phobia or be shrunk into some kind of “ist”. You’ll be dangerous and need to be publicly humiliated, lied about and canceled. That’s not what diversity means and it’s found no where in Nature. It’s simply not natural. It’s a great way to promote mental illness and dis ease as well as create a toxic amount of fear to keep people under control. It’s insane. Like medicine and food, what our creator put here for us is all we should be eating. You will not get health in any diverse group with man made anything. We all need discernment when choosing who to let into our lives, businesses, etc.

Many people come and go on this farm. It’s my job to make sure they have a safe and healthy place to stay and that they will be treated with love and respect the entire time. Race, gender, sexual preference, skin color, belief systems, culture, political opinions, religion, etc. don’t matter. Arguing about them is nothing more than an act of conformity. Getting people to argue over such petty, mindless differences keeps them distracted and controlled. In fact, I don’t even ask anyone those things. I don’t put those kind of labels on people, I find it to be an act of cruelty. They are nothing more than tools of separation, just like the diversity and equity scams. Let people be who they are without squeezing them into some kind of label. If we do that, we negate who they are and judge them by our own beliefs, experiences and views. We will never get to know anyone that way. I like to really get to know people, there is so much to learn from them!

Putting diversity into something like the medical system or the food pyramid just proves the dumbing down in complete. Going woke got Lucky Charms recommended as a food (it’s not food) healthier than chicken breast. Apparently we’re supposed to believe Man’s synthetic food-like substances is healthier than what our creator gave us. With that plan, the medical system and big pharma are going to make a ton of money off their life-ending medicines. It’s also not very diverse. We’re supposed to eat only corporate-made chemicals in the shape of food that make us sick then go take their sickness-promoting “medicines” and become a life long customer of medical visits and drugs. It’s best, in my opinion, to avoid both the big food and big pharma systems. They are not there for the health of the population, never were. Use a tor browser or VPN and do some serious research. Don’t use Google, their there to uphold the narrative and attempt to censor us. Their a waste of time and energy. Please, do research what is illegal to teach.

I do not even consider diversity in any aspect of my life, professional or personal. I consider what’s right in the moment, political nonsense irrelevant. Once I start listing those who are included in the statement “All are welcome”, I’m going to exclude someone. It will be a mile long before I listed everyone and even then, there will some new attention-starved group insisting on cramming their ways down my throat and if I don’t let them, they’ll call me names. All are welcome unless I decide your a danger. Minor Attracted People are never welcome here. This is a safe place for children to be children, not have their childhoods stolen from them. Parents know their kids are safe here. No one is going to mess with their gender identity or tell them their creator made a mistake. Who the hell says that to anyone? It’s downright cruel. I do not allow felons, drug users or toxic people here. Those people have proven who they are and I believe them. I’ve worked my entire life for all I have. I’m not about to let it get uglied up by those who always knew what a woman was until recently or see children in any inappropriate way. We don’t categorize people or put labels on them. The demographic of people that show up here is different and I love it. There’s so much to learn from people different than me, how boring would it be if we were all the same. I do NOT and will NOT keep track of the tools of separation so I don’t know the number of a certain category of person that has been here. It’s simply not important. Who gives a fuck if a certain number of a certain skin color or other way of identifying person has been here? I keep track of what is important…what I can do with what I have to make this world batter place. Politics and tools of separation are never a consideration, only what I feel should be done. I look for good people, not man made labels which are usually hurtful and simply not descriptive of the person. How can one complex, beautiful human be shrunk into a political label? They can’t and only the soulless try.

As far as equity, well, we don’t do that here. Equity of outcome has destroyed so many aspects of society. I, and only I, will decide how I treat people and It’s no way a political or a social norm. Those things just aren’t good enough for me and seeing they way they treat people, yeah, not doing that either. How I treat people is always well unless they give me a reason not to. In that case, I send them packing with love and be done with them. Period. All the social labels irrelevant because I don’t consider those in any aspect of my life. All the name calling and complaining to political masters don’t have the power to change this about me…nothing on this planet does. I’m NOT here to blend into the sickness. I’m not equal to anyone or anything. Life isn’t fair and life doesn’t give a fuck if it’s equal. Neither do I.

What exactly am I supposed to equal to? There’s no one out there I want to be equal to. That would cost me my soul, my authenticity, my excellence, me. I’m unique, I’m me, I can’t be described in political terms, politics isn’t smart enough. I’m not equal to anyone nor am I going to try to be. I can out do others in some way, being equal to them would require me to lose the talents and abilities I’ve worked hard to develop and maintain. Others can blow me away in many ways. I’m not equal to them, if I were, there would nothing to learn from them. Since they are doing things longer, better, more successfully than I am, I’m not equal to them. They are my mentors, teachers, etc. Equity dumbs us down.

What about those who try to transition kids or are attracted to them? They are certainly not equal to me. Below me and you is where they are. I’m a drummer, I’m not equal to the guitarist, singer and bassist, and keyboards, we are all different. Guitar, bass, drums, Keyboard and singer are diverse instruments and diverse people play them. If we get the right mix of people, we make beautiful music. If we put together a bunch or people who all want to be equal, we make noise. There is no hierarchy on this planet, that is only found in man made systems of control and indoctrination.

As much as many are trying, you can not make the world a more equal, soft place. It’s not nor will it be. Doing so will destroy the human race and all the human race needs to survive. Those with the illusion of power are really pushing this nonsense, it makes people weaker and easier to control. We need to be challenged to grow and get to know who we really are. It’s how we’re made. I know who and what I am. I will not waste my time with those who can’t tell you what a woman is. That’s not something I want to be equal with and they can’t handle a real biological woman so it’s best we both stay in our own worlds. I’m also not equal to feminists, I find feminism insulting and nothing more than a tool of separation. Feminism and I stay in our own worlds. I will not lower myself into being equal with someone who allows politics in every aspect of their lives, that is called chosen slavery. I don’t want to be equal to political slaves or consider politics in what I do. I can think and make decisions for myself, political puppets irrelevant.

As far as equality goes, it’s garbage. We are all unique and have spiritual gifts we know nothing about. We walk different, unequal paths. Trying to become equal or make the world your version of equal limits us, keeps us from going inside and instead focused on what is outside of us. We forget everything outside of us is nothing but a manifestation. We don’t have to live in someone else’s manifestation nor can we be made to.

As far as those who need to make a racist, sexist or some kind of phobia out of this, their best ignored. If you look for ugly, it will look for you. You will find each other. Racism and all their other isms is for the ignorant and is not worthy of my cooperation, or yours. If anyone tries to vomit some kind of label their political masters programmed them with, I ignore it. Anyone who allows the use of isms to prove anything in their world isn’t worth my time. They are nothing more than weak name calling bullies. They will suffer enough from the isms and phobia they attract to them. I pity them, feel sorry for them and pray they wake up one day. I’m not mean or disrespectful. I also do not allow these types here. There is a beautiful rainbow of humans here, isms and phobias are not going to be allowed to fuck that up. My world, my choice. Political and social approval not needed.

Be diverse with discernment. This is your life, your world, your choices. That’s all any of this is. Make the right choices and you’ll flourish. Don’t be afraid of wrong choices, their only learning experiences. It’s always OK to change, it’s called growth. Life is much better when we don’t take on the arguments and fights of others. Let them pretend they have a say in who gets to do what. If you’re not owned by a corporation, government or puppet master, they can’t touch. You’ll need to go down the slide of shit that leads to their wold then give permission through your cooperation before they can touch you. If you don’t ride the slide of shit, you become what they fear.

I’m seeing businesses hurt themselves and the employees that work for them going woke trying to cater to the insanity. Their hiring unqualified people just to say the have the right color and sexuality working for them. Their virtue signaling with their advertisements and inclusive statements. Their going broke. When I hire someone I look at their qualifications, experience, education, attitude. I feel out their attitude, integrity, honesty, sincerity. I look at their availability. I feel out how they will treat the customers we are blessed to have. I consider if I can accommodate any special needs they may have. I consider their transportation, I do not give rides. I talk to them to see what they are looking to get out of the job. If I can support a desire to learn something, I certain do that. I do not consider their pronouns (we don’t state pronouns here), race, religion, culture, sexual orientation, political views, gender or anything someone else manages to shrink their entire identity into. I consider those things to be personal and not necessary for me to be involved in for the smooth running of this business. My business, my terms. Politics ignored.

All are welcome here unless I’m given a reason not to let someone here. Political diversity will never exist here. I’m equal to no one and wont’ be forced to be. If they want to fuck up the world and create a new normal, fine. I’ll create my new normal. I will decide what my normal is, not politics or anything or person outside of me. My world, my choices.

What are you thoughts on diversity and equity? Do you bother with these things in you life? Do you see how these things can helpful or hurtful? I’d love to hear your thoughts!


Published by Rainie Dae - Love of Lotus Apothecary and Farm

Merry Meet! I'm a Herbalist, Farmer and Nature Witch in beautiful East Tennessee. I live in the woods with my husband and 2 dogs where we are growing our off grid homestead and herb farm. I love wild harvesting medicine and food as well as making traditional foods and medicines. Being off grid, I'm mindful of the energy we use and what we are doing to the land we all depend on. I do my best to be as sustainable as possible. We're not perfect however, we're always improving! I value my fellow humans, my local, national and worldly communities. There's nothing better than seeing someone get healthier, happier and more empowered to help themselves. Healing isn't just ingesting a concoction or rubbing cream on the skin, it's so much more than that. As a healer, I can't deny that education is part of the healing. I'm of the belief that man made chemicals are responsible for the rise in dis ease. I've seen amazing changes in my health myself after eating mostly organic and Non-GMO. Due to my research and personal experience, I do not allow any chemicals or GMO ingredients in Love of Lotus Apothecary and Farm products. It makes no sense to me to put man made poison or franken plants in Mother Gaia's medicines. When I'm not being a foraging herbalist, I love hiking, swimming in nature spaces, spending time with loved ones, cooking, growing plants and meditating. I love rocking out behind my sexy ass drum kit and spending time with loved ones. Your time is greatly appreciated. Merry Part, Rainie Dae

Let's all share what we know, research what we hear and treat each other with love and respect.

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