Moon Spells by Diane Ahlquist – Book Review

This is my first review in a long series of coming reviews. I choose Moon Spells by Diane Ahlquist for a couple of reasons. The first being this book has helped me so much in practice. It’s easy to understand and customize what is in it to a variety of practices. The second reason, the author takes into account tools, herbs, etc a magickal practitioner may or may not have access to and the variety of understandings and traditions her readers may have. She leaves plenty of room for adjustment, creativity or adaptations. Personally I see this, and other spell books, as guides when reading the spells contained within them. Magick is such a personal and ever growing and changing practice. I feel we should all write our own spells, their more powerful that way, have more of our own energy and intentions. There is nothing wrong with following a template or starting with a spell to adjust to us. This is just my opinion, others may have amazing results using pre-written spells. This is magick, you do you!

I like to give a little info about the authors in book reviews. These people took the time share their knowledge by writing a book. Books are an affordable way to benefit from the lifetime of knowledge of another. Authors deserve credit and gratitude for their work. I couldn’t find much on Diane Ahlquist. She’s no longer with us, born on December 26-1954 and transitioned on October 21-2022. She was a consultant for Unsolved Mysteries, working with investigators and has been featured in a variety of media outlets. She has written many books on the Law of Attraction and Magick. After finding her other books, I plan to purchase a few more. Reviews on Moon Spells are great. Everywhere I look there are many other positive book reviews out there. She seems to be a popular author in the beautiful magick community. I understand why!

The book itself is simply and beautifully put together. The cover is appealing, simple and to the point of the book. It’s organized in a manner that is easy to understand. The illustrations are cute black and white drawings, simple and appealing. She covers the why, how, when where and who of spell work. Understanding the uses of crystals, herbs, moon phases, will words, intention, directions, formations, colors, tools, etc is easy and makes sense. Some books don’t make sense to me. That doesn’t make them wrong, it just makes them not for me.

The author understands that magick requires us to do our part in the way of health, our environment, how we feel, etc. I greatly appreciate this is I feel it’s not stressed enough. Self care and self love, or lack of, effect our workings. It’s important we approach spell work with a clear, healthy mind, body and soul.

The spells in this book are organized in a way that makes them easy to find. She has categories such as Health, Spirituality, Job/Career, Men, Women, etc. All the spells are laid out in the same way, they give the tools needed, candles colors, formation, direction, days of week, moon phase, etc. Ann gives suggestions to enhance our workings such as incense, gemstones and music. She describes how to perform the spell. You can certainly follow what she does or adjust it to your working.

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This book is a great book for the beginner as the tools in the spells are written about elsewhere in the book. It’s a reference for it’s own spells. Most of them are easy to find and can be substituted if need be. She gives great verbiage that can be adjusted. This helps the beginner get used to “spell speak” or the more seasoned practitioner a place to start if their having a spell writer’s block.

I’ve noticed this is a popular book in the magickal community and I understand why! If you haven’t read it, I strongly recommend it.

Thank you, Diane Ahlquist

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Merry Reading!

Rainie Dae


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