I Can’t Bring Myself To Put On a Show

I’m not big on social media, since giving it up almost completely a few years ago, my mental health and cognitive abilities have improved greatly. I’m physically healthier and I feel a lot less stress and anxiety. I don’t rush to my phone to make a post every time I’m out or somethings happens. Most of the time I don’t have my phone on me, I’m not a slave to it, I use it when I’m ready for the purposes I need it for only. I don’t use many apps and I don’t do anything personal or that involves sensitive information on my phone. One thing I never really did for any social media was pose and take pictures specifically for posting on social media. I find that to be empty and fake. I don’t have a desire for likes or comments, I prefer those things to come naturally in real life under real circumstances, THAT means somethings to me, social medial likes do not. I don’t care what others think of me and I don’t really care what others are doing. That darn belief in freedom again…keeps me minding my own business! I don’t get that dopamine hit anymore so I’ve pretty much lost interest in the fake and live in the real world. I also like my privacy so I don’t post my entire life online for the world to see. Life is like having a cool new toy. I prefer to enjoy it rather than the empty, ego-driven act of holding it up for others to see.

Social Media has it’s place in my life, it’s just not at top of my priority list and I don’t use it for personal life. I do use it for my business, I use Pinterest, Linkedin and Parler. I do not agree to have my info stolen and sold and I’m not going to be silenced or censor myself. My belief in the Golden Rule and Freedom is enough. Back in 2019, when I was wasting my time on Facebook, I tried to send a link to an article via Facebook Messenger. I got a message back telling me the article was determined to be “misinformation” by their corporate supplied “fact-checkers” which is nothing more than control and censorship. Since Facebook, and all other social media, or any of the puppets working for them, do not get to think for me or decide what I say or share, I shared that link another way, deleted messenger and my Facebook account, as well as other social media platforms who thinks I’m ignorant enough to need and believe “fact-checkers”. I do my own research and make up my own mind. “Fact checker” agreement not necessary. Freedom is kept by living it and not entertaining what does not think we should be free. Fuck Zuckerberg’s evil, soulless ass and all the others who are cooperating with the evil, I’ve got better things to put my mind on and freedom to live.

It’s typical to see some of our youth sucked into all this nonsense, it’s very refreshing to see the youth that isn’t raised by phones and computer games. Other youth out grow the nonsense as they mature into adult life. Their out there, we still have some awesome parents holding their families together in spite of all the efforts to destroy the family unit. Our youth is very impressionable, it’s our responsibility to teach them to use technology, not be used or controlled by it. It is a tool, not a lifestyle choice. It’s not a priority and certainly not something to adjust our thinking and lives to. I don’t find it worth making all that much time for. Personally, I have no time to sit there and scroll through social media. I find it mindless, draining and time consuming. I have too much real life to live for that.

What isn’t typical for me to see is people my age taking fake pictures with fake smiles and fake poses to promote a fake life so the others on social media think some way about them. I recently saw a lady at a social event, about my age, possibly a little older, taking social media pictures, smiling, posing, etc, but didn’t smile once when she wasn’t starring at her phone. In fact, she didn’t’ speak to anyone. When she was done she sat in her vehicle or she sat alone and wasn’t very friendly when I tried to be social. Her energy is stressful, chaotic and intense. Her entire time at this event was spent faking it for social media but not being social in real life. I felt sorry for here. She got dressed up all cute for social media, not to come out and have a great time with other people in real life. Observing this behavior in a full grown mature adult blew my mind a bit.

After a certain age we should have enough confidence within us to not need those things. We should be able to not need them or use them responsibly as the toys they are, not a place to get info and decide what to think. We should have social skills and healthy, real life relationships. We begin to love and appreciate real life and the people in it, we have responsibilities and interests that occupy us. We have people to love and hug and loved ones to nurture and enjoy. Memories need to be made! Once we stop to take a picture and post it, we stop the energy of the enjoyment we were feeling. The momentum stops. I have plenty of fond memories and pictures, none of them will be posted anywhere. None of them faked or manipulated. I would have many more if I left the moment, I very much prefer to stay in the moment with my loved ones. I have a great memory, no social medial necessary. My pictures aren’t for judgement or make people think a certain way of me, their for my own personal enjoyment and reflection. What others think of me isn’t my business and I really don’t care so I don’t take pictures or do anything for those purposes.

Social media is a wonderful tool, it is a horrible master.

To each their own. Paying attention to what is going on around us helps us to see the messages in the observation of other people’s actions and learn about ourselves or appreciate an accomplishment or something else about ourselves. If someone wants to live their life for social media, I support their freedom to do so. I just don’t engage. It doesn’t look like a good time to me and it takes me out of my created reality. Social media does not nurture our ability to create, in fact, it hinders it. Those who don’t realize they are powerful creators will always be impressed by and settle for the soul-stealing entertainment social medial is created to be. For me, going to a social event is for being social, most of the time I don’t even bring my phone. My phone does not rule my life no more than social media does. If I take pictures I’m taking them for my own personal memories and I’m not posting them anywhere.I personally don’t like to be posted all over social media and don’t appreciate it when people post me. I made it a point to stay out of the background of the lady’s pictures this weekend.

I’m not saying all should quit social media, saying one blanket statement that applies to everyone is nothing more than indoctrinated ignorance and a belief in conformity. There is never anything that is right for all. We are all responsible for our personal states and lives. Educating ourselves, which means doing our own research and making up our own minds is where we will get our power and not become mindless slaves. I see it like drinking…some people can handle it, enjoy it but not become addicted to it. Others get addicted and block out what really matters for what doesn’t matter (at least to me). Others choose not to indulge. We all have the freedom to choose what is best for us. For me, it’s to use social media very little for business reasons. I get great e mails from my customers and make sure to get back to them in a timely manner. I want them to talk to me if they need something or have a question, not a social media persona. Being on social media also excludes all who are not on a particular platform. Keeping myself available via e mail makes me available to all.

This, like every other aspect in life, comes down to personal responsibility. It’s our choice how much or little we use it. Only we truly know if it is or how much it’s effecting our lives. Choose wisely!

I’d love to hear your social media thoughts!

Published by Rainie Dae - Love of Lotus Apothecary and Farm

Merry Meet! I'm a Herbalist, Farmer and Nature Witch in beautiful East Tennessee. I live in the woods with my husband and 2 dogs where we are growing our off grid homestead and herb farm. I love wild harvesting medicine and food as well as making traditional foods and medicines. Being off grid, I'm mindful of the energy we use and what we are doing to the land we all depend on. I do my best to be as sustainable as possible. We're not perfect however, we're always improving! I value my fellow humans, my local, national and worldly communities. There's nothing better than seeing someone get healthier, happier and more empowered to help themselves. Healing isn't just ingesting a concoction or rubbing cream on the skin, it's so much more than that. As a healer, I can't deny that education is part of the healing. I'm of the belief that man made chemicals are responsible for the rise in dis ease. I've seen amazing changes in my health myself after eating mostly organic and Non-GMO. Due to my research and personal experience, I do not allow any chemicals or GMO ingredients in Love of Lotus Apothecary and Farm products. It makes no sense to me to put man made poison or franken plants in Mother Gaia's medicines. When I'm not being a foraging herbalist, I love hiking, swimming in nature spaces, spending time with loved ones, cooking, growing plants and meditating. I love rocking out behind my sexy ass drum kit and spending time with loved ones. Your time is greatly appreciated. Merry Part, Rainie Dae

3 thoughts on “I Can’t Bring Myself To Put On a Show

  1. Hi Rainie

    I haven’t read it all (I usually DL posts to read & perhaps review later) … but my first / initial thought is to ask whether you can define the term “social media” (most people can’t),

    🙂 Norbert


    1. Greetings!

      Thank you for considering reading my blog. In this post (and any others that mention social media), I’m going by the dictionary definition.

      Dictionary.com says: websites and other online means of communication that are used by large groups of people to share information and to develop social and professional contacts

      Merriam-Webster says: forms of electronic communication (such as websites for social networking and microblogging) through which users create online communities to share information, ideas, personal messages, and other content (such as videos)

      Have a very blessed day!
      Rainie Dae


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