How We Treat Others Is a Reflection of How We Treat Ourselves

It’s easy to treat the people we know and like with respect. It’s easy to treat a stranger in the store with respect, it only takes a minute to say a kind word or hold a door open. These are easy situations that easily make us believe we treat others well. The real challenge is treating someone we don’t care for with respect. The humans who are reflections of ourselves, our shadow sides, the ones in which we don’t like what we see in them; or the humans who have treated us so bad the mere thought of them brings up old feelings of hurt, resentment and anger. It doesn’t matter what kind of human we’re dealing with or what the situation requires, it’s always possible to not only learn about ourselves from them but treat them with kindness and respect, regardless of how nasty they are to us.

In today’s world, disrespect of our fellow humans is the norm, it’s part of the indoctrination, part of the programming. Getting people to think treating others in cruel and disrespectful ways is an excellent tool of control. The worse part about this is how easy many people fall into this. People who treat others poorly for being different than them don’t think for themselves, their masters are telling them what to think. Their lives are often ruled by fear and whatever authority outside of them they choose to be their master. They have heard and “them and us” mentality. They don’t live free, they live with the same angry and negative emotions they display to you. The only difference is, you can walk away and escape that low frequency, which is really all it is. The person is living on a low frequency. Negative feelings of anger, conformity, hate and the lack of compassion and respect for others do not exist in the same space a love, respect, kindness, acceptance etc.

I see these people everywhere. It’s in the mindlessness of reducing people to man made labels of politics, religion or simply name calling. Their instant assholes to those who support the other guy in whatever they’ve externalized their power to. They believe others should be beat up, killed or otherwise treated in a way they themselves wouldn’t be able to live through. When someone calls me a name, I laugh on the inside because the only reason they call anyone else a name or put some kind of mindless label on them is because they themselves are hurt by name calling and labels. It’s a chosen mindset. People only do to those they don’t like what will hurt them. I find name calling and man made labels weak, mindless and controlled by a chosen master. These people do not think for themselves, they consume whatever their told to by the MSN, social media, propaganda and their chosen masters. They have reduced their own lives to such a state that their consumed by the negativity their masters feed them and are unable to respect other perspectives, lifestyles, thoughts, etc. People have been programmed to hate what they don’t agree with and all who live it. It’s possible, and humane, to understand others are different than you and that’s OK. You don’t have to be like them to accept, love and respect them. This is called freedom, something the USA, Inc is NOT built on.

It’s easy to want to tell them off, tell them to shrink back into their own world of fear, censorship, control and treating others poorly. These people are easy to upset, get back at or get into a mindless argument with. Those kind of things are normal in their lives. These people will tell you it’s “standing up for themselves”. Arguing isn’t standing up for yourself nor is it really hurting someone who worships conformity out of fear and indoctrination. They don’t know peace and therefor aren’t able to contribute to it. There is no intelligence in arguing, no one listens to anyone, their just being “right fighters”. Fighting with these people is mindless and serves no one. If they want to settle down and exchange ideas, thoughts, etc in a respectful and accepting way, great! Otherwise, don’t waste your time.

Of course, this is easier said than done. I’ve been a “right fighter” in my life before. Looking back on these moments, I can see how it got me no where but more upset and I carried that mindless argument in my head all day. I externalized my power to someone who will never believe in freedom, thinking for yourself, creating your own reality, etc. I cared about the opinion of someone who I didn’t much like and, sometimes, didn’t even know. I was weak and had to fix that shit as these people are everywhere. Fighting them with my time and attention is like poking the bear, nothing good will happen after that. I find it best to remove these people with kindness.

Since I’ve cleaned out the toxic people from life, I don’t come across anyone I know well who has externalized their power to conformity and man made authority. As nasty as these people can be, I had to realize a few things. Their suffering and carrying pain with them every moment of their lives. Their scared and need someone to blame, that’s where the argument comes in. They are blind to their own ability to create their own reality and are convinced they have to accept the one presented to them by social media, the MSN, Google, whoever they decide is more powerful than them, etc. Their hurting. Hurting people hurt others. Pain and fear shuts down the immune system and puts a person in a constant state of “fight or flight”. They are not able to be truly healthy. They do not process the ability to think clearly, their mind is all fogged up with man man made shit. The second thing I had to realize is these people are my reflections.

That’s a hard one to swallow. These people are reflections of me. It’s also a great way to turn a negative person into the shit that fertilized my growth. If I can get past my ego and see similarities in them and I, I can grow from the negativity. I don’t have to participate in their nonsense to turn them in to an opportunity to learn and grow. I many not act to the extent some of these people do on the outside however, what is going on inside me? It’s HOW I handle these people that matters, not sinking to their level and telling them off. I don’t always remember that.

Taking the focus off them and on me puts power back in my hands. It helps me to better control myself (and my mouth) I have developed the ability to take the judgment out of it, I can’t see my reflections if I’m judging. Judging takes the opportunity to lean and grow away from me, I don’t like that. I’m not saying I’m perfect, I’m a work in progress. I have compassion for their fact that their hurting, scared and controlled. I don’t know what life experience they’ve had to end up where their currently living. Hurting people hurt others. They don’t know how to accept kindness, compassion or love, which is the highest frequency. They also don’t know how to give it. Looking back on my life, especially before my awakening and at times after it, I can see all of this in me. I was once a “right fighter” and thought everyone should conform to the one thing I thought would solve problems, keep us safe (safety is the government’s code word for control), etc. I saw others different than me as less than me at times or just not “right”. I had “them and us” thinking. I also wasn’t happy, didn’t know my power and supported the religion of conformity over the birth right of freedom. I also didn’t do a lot of my own thinking. Considering I was once where they are, in one form or another, treating them as nasty as they treat others is also treating myself the same way.

For me, developing these skill of non-judgment and kindness took time an practice. For a while there it seemed the Universe was testing me, sending me one angry person after another, until I learned to handle it properly. Man, I’ve had a lot of practice!!! Today I don’t respond to anything that is disrespectful to me and others. I simply don’t feed that energy. To feed that energy is to invite it into my being. I also learned, again, with LOTS of practice, to not walk away with thoughts of “That guys is an ass” or “She’s sleeping, has no idea what she’s talking about” or any other negative comment about them. I don’t allow them to rent space in my head for free and I don’t bring that energy and experience home with me. When I look back at times I’ve done that, it didn’t serve me. I ruined my day, I lost sleep replaying the event over and over again my mind, thinking of things I should have said. I carried that energy everywhere I went. I sunk down to the frequency they live in. This did not serve me or others. I had to stop doing that to myself.

These days my intuition is better developed so I’m able to walk away before any abuse starts, I’m able to see it before it manifests in front of me. This allows me to walk away, thinking only the best for them and sending them love. When it comes to people I knew and had to remove from my life, blood irrelevant, I cut ties. When I see them at family events, I’m polite and kinds as I’m not carrying negative feelings with me. They don’t get to choose my thoughts or state of being. I just accept them for who they showed me they are. Actions speak louder than words. I decide if they are good for me to be around and act accordingly. I send them love. When someone isn’t good for me, it could mean they have some growing up to do or haven’t awakened yet. They live in a different world than I do. Judgement isn’t necessary. I take the experience as a message telling me to stay away from them. People will never tell you who they truly are, they will show. Believe them when they show you.

The most beautiful thing that has come out of these situations is, on a rare occasion, I’ll get an apology. This always brings back times when I had to apologize to someone so I’m compassionate. I’ve also learned to tell the difference between a fake and real apology. It’s not easy to humble yourself and apologize to someone you hurt. When someone sincerely apologies to me, I accept the apology. That doesn’t mean I accept them in mu life. I’ve already forgiven them as that’s for me, not them. I hear them out and I’m kind and compassionate. I remember when others were kind and compassionate when I apologized for my wrong doings. I appreciated it and got a lesson on how to treat others. It helped lift me up and make me want to do better. It, at times, gave me and the person I wronged the opportunity to talk it out, let go of that negative energy between us and either go our separate ways or build a relationship. I make this choice on a case-by-case basis these days.

Considering the fact that I have changed so much throughout my life and have leaned many, many, many lessons, how can I judge or treat poorly someone who is where I once was? I grew and learned from it. It’s no where near who I am today. Others deserve the opportunity to do the same. Hurt people hurt people so hurting the hurt only brings about more hurt and closed minds. It feeds the separation that keeps freedom from existing. Sometimes walking away from someone throwing a fit or getting abusive is the best thing to do. If their not yet in the mindset of hearing the other side and respecting others for their differences, their not ready to have a conversation with me; both because of their own mindset and because I don’t want to meet them on their frequency. If someone isn’t open to listening, it’s a waste of my time to have a conversation as I refused to be talked down to or bullied and I refuse to do that to others. Sometimes kindly walking away is sometimes best thing you can do.

Alchemy is making the best our of any situation and not letting external events effect your current state of being. This is a power within us all we can cultivate and grow. It’s a power that those on the lower frequencies can’t get past or even understand although it’s within them as well. At the end of the day, I’m responsible for my state of being, my life, my thoughts and my own freedom. I am the ultimate authority in my life and the only one who can make or break me. What I allow in my head, my life, my consciousness is so critical to my state of being. When someone shows me their not good for me, I just see them as not for me and move on. This gets easier and easier as I do it and enjoy living the results. I came hell and awakened into someone I never knew I could be by walking my own path. I’ve learned that weather someone is for me or not for me, their path isn’t my business to judge nor do I have to walk it with them.

The peace, acceptance and strength my journey has brought me is amazing and is the result of my growing, learning and becoming a better person. I has never come from and will never come from arguing with those on lower frequencies, that’s where I once was, not where I’m current at or where I’m going. Others can come from the ashes of hell as well. It’s nothing but a choice.

Send some love today 🙂


Published by Rainie Dae - Love of Lotus Apothecary and Farm

Merry Meet! I'm a Herbalist, Farmer and Nature Witch in beautiful East Tennessee. I live in the woods with my husband and 2 dogs where we are growing our off grid homestead and herb farm. I love wild harvesting medicine and food as well as making traditional foods and medicines. Being off grid, I'm mindful of the energy we use and what we are doing to the land we all depend on. I do my best to be as sustainable as possible. We're not perfect however, we're always improving! I value my fellow humans, my local, national and worldly communities. There's nothing better than seeing someone get healthier, happier and more empowered to help themselves. Healing isn't just ingesting a concoction or rubbing cream on the skin, it's so much more than that. As a healer, I can't deny that education is part of the healing. I'm of the belief that man made chemicals are responsible for the rise in dis ease. I've seen amazing changes in my health myself after eating mostly organic and Non-GMO. Due to my research and personal experience, I do not allow any chemicals or GMO ingredients in Love of Lotus Apothecary and Farm products. It makes no sense to me to put man made poison or franken plants in Mother Gaia's medicines. When I'm not being a foraging herbalist, I love hiking, swimming in nature spaces, spending time with loved ones, cooking, growing plants and meditating. I love rocking out behind my sexy ass drum kit and spending time with loved ones. Your time is greatly appreciated. Merry Part, Rainie Dae

Let's all share what we know, research what we hear and treat each other with love and respect.

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