Stopping Natural Cycles

Nature is based on symbiotic relationships, we take and give back on a consistent basis. She is the original recycling center, creating no waste. Everything has a purpose and that purpose can change depending on we are in the cycle it is. When a plant goes to seed, the bird eats the seed then carries it off to be pooped out and germinate in the ground. The seed grows, having a beneficial symbiotic relationship with Gaia, producing, food, medicine, benefiting other plants and microbes in a variety of ways. the plant then goes to seed, planting seeds. All living creatures and this beautiful planet itself is dependent on natural life cycles.

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All life depends on a plethora of cycles. When these cycles are interrupted, it throws Gaia our of balance and living things suffer and often die or live a lower quality of life. Humans are a great example of this as humans are the ones who interrupt life cycles as Gaia’s other sentient beings live symbiotically with her. They do not try to control or conquer her. That’s mindless and foolish. You can’t conquer your creator and attempting to do so will only hurt others as well as yourself. It’s evident in the world today.

All the ways humans stop or interrupt Gaia’s cycles are too many list here. I’m going to share a few I notice. Please, share the ones you notice. We can all create awareness that could lead to change.

Eating and Elimination is a life cycle all living creatures on this beautiful planet participate in and are dependent on. It’s also a very fucked with life cycle by greedy humans who always knew better. We start with our food. Conventional food is grown with chemicals and pesticides which are needed in larger and stronger quantities because what is needed to naturally grow crops has been depleted from the soil. Without the life natural cycle without human interference, the soil is unable to produce all the microbes and nutrients needed for life. It’s unable to continue to produce life. Instead of feeding the soil to sustain our food source, humans use more and more chemicals and fuck with God’s perfect creations. GMOs are nothing by nutrient-depleted franken fruits that should have never been allowed to grow. The last thing a GMO farmers has to worry about is nutrients in the soil, they have been replaced with chemicals and fucked with DNA. No one should eat them. They throw the body off because it’s not food. They fuck with the land even more and the natural beings, plant and animal, that belong and depend on it. Instead of feeding the soil, the plants are fed chemicals which harm the health of humans but living creature that depend on that soil. The life cycles stops. This is nothing more than an act of cruelty.

Another life cycle we stop is elimination. When we use an on grid toilet, we flush water and waste down which travels to a processing center where it’s treated with dangerous chemicals. In the natural cycle, we return our wast to the earth without man made poisons. Off gridders often use things like composting toilets. Gaia knows what to do with your wast. She’s an alchemist. She will take it and give it to living organisms and sentient beings that can benefit from it. Let’s say an off gridder composts all their waste. They now have rich, fertile compost to feed soil for plants. Their plants grow strong and healthy, producing food for the living beings that depend on them. On-grid ways of dealing with human waste stop the life cycle and puts dangerous toxins in our water and land that harm living beings.

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There are also smaller cycles such as the butterfly’s lifestyle. The butterfly starts as a caterpillar that eats and excretes waste in a symbiotic relationship with Gaia. She then goes into her cocoon state and emerges as a beautiful butterfly. If we interrupt any part of that life cycle, there will be no butteries. This is the reason many gardeners plant butterfly gardens as well as bee gardens and bird gardens. Due to the ignorance of the way we live…the ways we build our buildings, dispose of our trash, all the ways we stop life cycles, more and more people are doing what they can with what they have to help keep these cycles going. The bees are a very good example. No bees = no humans. Symbiotic relationships are necessary if we’re going to save this plant and survive as a species. We can not survive with all the man made systems.

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Off gridders, those who live symbiotically with Gaia, organic gardeners, the stewards of the land, understand this and their practices are based on the cycles of life. As a result of living with Gaia as we’re made to, we get better, natural health through naturally grown foods, more productive gardens and farms and a level of health and connection that we’re supposed to believe doesn’t exist.

There are an infinite number of natural life cycles. Which ones do you notice? How are you stopping the cycles from being interrupted? Share your thoughts and ideas below, let’s keep each other informed!!


Published by Rainie Dae - Love of Lotus Apothecary and Farm

Merry Meet! I'm a Herbalist, Farmer and Nature Witch in beautiful East Tennessee. I live in the woods with my husband and 2 dogs where we are growing our off grid homestead and herb farm. I love wild harvesting medicine and food as well as making traditional foods and medicines. Being off grid, I'm mindful of the energy we use and what we are doing to the land we all depend on. I do my best to be as sustainable as possible. We're not perfect however, we're always improving! I value my fellow humans, my local, national and worldly communities. There's nothing better than seeing someone get healthier, happier and more empowered to help themselves. Healing isn't just ingesting a concoction or rubbing cream on the skin, it's so much more than that. As a healer, I can't deny that education is part of the healing. I'm of the belief that man made chemicals are responsible for the rise in dis ease. I've seen amazing changes in my health myself after eating mostly organic and Non-GMO. Due to my research and personal experience, I do not allow any chemicals or GMO ingredients in Love of Lotus Apothecary and Farm products. It makes no sense to me to put man made poison or franken plants in Mother Gaia's medicines. When I'm not being a foraging herbalist, I love hiking, swimming in nature spaces, spending time with loved ones, cooking, growing plants and meditating. I love rocking out behind my sexy ass drum kit and spending time with loved ones. Your time is greatly appreciated. Merry Part, Rainie Dae

3 thoughts on “Stopping Natural Cycles

  1. Earth’s natural hydrological cycle has been destroyed due to a century of weather modification experimentation and current geoengineering being sold to the masses as ‘climate change’. To me, nothing is more important than natural weather patterns, so much depends on that in the world and it’s being devastated by the greed and corruption of public-private partnerships while most folks remain completely ignorant of what’s happening b/c they are buying a pack of lies.

    Personally, I don’t believe nature is perfect. That is, Unless we turn ‘perfect’ into an action verb. :). Perfection is static, nature is never that!

    I remember when it first became popular for women to stop their menstruation cycle completely for years at a time with pills and I thought, that is SO DUMB and it will backfire in time—as uncomfortable as they can be for some women they have enormous purpose emotionally as well as physically as a sort of ‘purgative’ imo.

    Thanks for sharing your thought-provoking post!


    1. So intelligently said!!!

      You might be interested in Ice Age Farmer at He’s done some interesting research on weather patterns and the Solar Grand Minimum that is effecting the weather and food production as well as other issues. It’s not something talked about in the media, there wouldn’t be a fear over climate change if we understood it better. We would be better prepared.

      Perhaps we can say she’s perfectly imperfect 🙂

      I know what you’re talking about with those pills. They stop another natural cycle which is what nature is made of. When we stop these cycles we disconnect. I’m beginning to see how so many cycles in my life have been stopped…and started again! Sometimes started for the first time. We now use a composting toilet, I will use the compost on our chicken feed garden returning it to the earth without chemicals. We breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide, plants and microscopic phytoplankton breath in carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen. A plant drops a seed, the seed regenerates into another plants and drops seeds.

      Thank you for sharing!


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